Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"Let's Go To The Garden"

There are five lovely little words
Which need no creed or pardon
From them both fruit and smile are stirred
With, “Let’s go to the garden”

What whimsy from grim sod soft-springs
Winter, no dream can harden
What music from dumb bower springs
With “Let’s go to the garden”

…and there, midst rows of beans and peas
In vegetarian haven
Grows a world of fond memories
From “let’s go to the garden”

An echo-flower-wonderland
A strand of green-leaf stardom
Where few words boast a host so grand
As, “Let’s go to the garden”

© Janet Martin


  1. So beautiful (the gardens here formed)

    1. thank-you:) someday when prudence is not foremost I hope to plant an artsy rather than a field-sy garden;-)at present, a tiller needs to fit between the rows if i don't want to spend all summer with a hoe in my hand. SO many weeds to deal with!
      and some day I hope to see California gardens!


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