Thursday, April 3, 2014

Of Farewells Never Spoken...a message to the Past

 Pad Challenge day 3: Write a message poem

Somehow we brave the silence where farewells were never told
Time’s silver strings a labyrinth of dreaming and despair
Moments mete minute messages; night-ness and morning gold
We fill its rooms with vanity and memory and prayer

Oh, I have strained to touch you but Time’s hours intervene
The busyness of Bygone is a double-edg-ed grief
Where laws of hope and heartache poise twixt ‘will be’ and ‘has been’
In moment-meted mercy of desire and relief

A sea of echoes rushes through the hollowness of want
Futile to fret and hunger for a ripple in its grasp
Life’s hierarchy of happiness is not within the taunt
Of farewells never spoken, but in moments that we clasp

The girth of Past expands, yet we are ever far apart
For slipping through our fingers is Time’s tender moment-string
Those farewells never spoken shape the treasures of the heart
Thus we lift up each moment-cup to drink its offering

© Janet Martin

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