Monday, April 7, 2014

Candidate for Heaven...

I look in the mirror
And I know full-well
I am a perfect candidate
For hell
When I think of all my failures,
Stumbles, fumbles, foolishness
When I know that I will repeat
The very things that I detest
When I think of my guilt and greed
And ever-present pride
In spite of knowing that for me
A loving Savior died
When I know every secret,
Every wasted taste of air
Where I have spilled my grumbling voice
Instead of grateful prayer
Yes, when I look square in the mirror
Beyond what eyes can see
I blush, ashamed at the reflection
Staring back at me
For I know without question
What lies past those eyes full-well
And I know that I am
A perfect candidate for hell
But then, ah, I remember
That it is not in what I’ve done
That I am saved, but by the grace
Of Jesus Christ, God’s Son
And once again I stare into
The face looking at me
And breathe a prayer, Oh thank-you Lord
For grace that sets me free

© Janet Martin

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