Thursday, April 24, 2014

Of Inadequacies...(revamped re-post)

From sometime this afternoon until after dark tonight I worked at burning a huge pile of branches gathered from winter storms.The mind travels differently after dark...

Night cannot unravel longing from need
Time cannot sever the hand from the deed
And mind cannot deftly dismantle with thought
Soul-stirring swansong of all that is not
Heartache and hunger and hope intertwine
Moonlight and memories meld; midnight-wine
Darling, the distance between have and hold
Trembles in fathoms beyond our control
Where word is the pilgrim that humbly implores
Searching an ocean of want for its shores

We’ve held in half-breaths life’s sweet, finite bliss
We’ve borne the heartache of its farewell kiss
We’ve stripped the silence and searched its dark vaunt
To glean from its tresses the echoes that taunt
We’ve held each other and danced; long and slow
Knowing sweet sorrow comes when we let go
Rising and falling, we've laughed, learned and wept
Touching thought-shadows while wiser men slept
And as all earth slumbered in sable repose
We wrestled numbers and yeses and nos

Darling, the stuff that weaves thought is enough
Ever the flip-side of longing is love
The flip-side of love is desire within
Ever unconquered in flesh-garbs of skin
So here in this moment wrapped blue in night-air
Love is a lion and love is a prayer
Bastion of passion and purposed belief
Bulwark of beautiful, beautiful grief
Dredge the deep, darling, for a lover's pain
Reminds us that we have not lived in vain

© Janet Martin

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