Saturday, April 19, 2014


PAD Challenge day 19: choose a color for your poem title

We press through life’s marketplaces
Winter cold and summer heat
Holding hands and kissing faces
Arabesque of bittersweet

We fill baskets with life-moments
 Amethyst and baby’s breath
For we cannot see the fulcrum
Pivoting twixt life and death

…as we dash through fields of flowers
To a skyline out of reach
Save to sundry sweep of hours
Washing over brawny beach

We embrace, knowing tomorrow
Bids us suffer parting’s pain
Yet we cannot quench with sorrow
Love; and so we love again

Asking nothing of God’s favor
But perhaps, if He would deem
Here and there a little picnic
On our own wee patch o’ green

© Janet Martin


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