Monday, April 7, 2014

An Acrostic for Self-portrait prompt

 PAD Challenge day 7: write a self-portrait poem

Just a simple girl; daughter, sister, mother and wife
Amazed at God’s gifts to the world and my life
Night-owl when seduced by a word or a thought
Educated? By the world’s standards I’m not
That’s me

Rolling pin collector and lover of rhyme
Under the tutelage of a teacher called Time
Thinker, often quiet with sudden bits of crazy
Homebody; my favorite wild-bloom is a daisy

Mother and wife; I am humbled and awed
And oft would run scared, but for patience of God
Rover of coppice, moorland, meadow, grove
Thankful for gardens and laughter and love
Incredibly blessed; undeservedly so
Normal? not really, but by God’s grace I go…

© Janet Ruth Martin

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