Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ah, Wherefore Art Thou Hiding?, the snow is mostly gone but it was below freezing this morning and the blue wind growls like a bully...

Then let thy verdant impulse overtake this umber sweep
Vile chords of chilling wind-song immerses blue, moody deep
And though we know for things worth waiting for, ah we must wait
Straining, we grasp at echoes of wisteria-laden gate
Springtime, springtime come lightly with warm kisses on thy breeze
How long must we be patient for thy fragrant melodies?

Spread wide thy frock of flowers and shake free thy gleaming tress
Fair maiden, lovely-laden, pray what hampers thy caress?
Didst thou forget thy way while winter pulverized his mat?
See, we stand with arms flung wide where meadow-lands lie flat
Springtime, springtime, do not linger behind a stricken stile
You are everybody’s darling and we miss your bonny smile

As the hart pants after water, sweet springtime, we pant for thee
Hunched long beneath our ragged optimistic misery
Yet spurred by recollection of lush orchard on green hill
Of fallow donning color where mute seed begins to spill
Springtime, springtime, ah, wherefore art thou hiding; in the dell?
Or hast thou simply lost thy way while winter bid farewell?

© Janet Martin


  1. What a lovely poem. Some memorable words and images to rehearse as I go out into the garden to gage the footsteps of spring.

  2. hope it is warmer where you are. I need my winter -coat but am working outdoors as well. We now have our spring hopes pinned on May!


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