Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Message to Old Man Winter

PAD Challenge Day 3: For today’s prompt, write a message poem.

Long we have scanned your sovereignty
Of nature-offerings
And preyed over thermometers
In hope of warmer things

Often you smiled and we were sure
You would say something nice
Before you raked your fingers through
Steel vaults of snow and ice

…but now you scribble on the air
A kinder melody
And we have seen you linger where
The blossom stirs the tree

…and we have sensed within your grit
A hint of letting go
As if you too are tired of it;
These signatures of snow

Your message is a slow strip-tease
On fields layered knee-deep
Our pulses quicken as you ease
Dark furrow from your keep

We linger longer and freely
Beneath your sun-kissed scrawl
Ah, maybe you are not really
An old brute after all

© Janet Martin


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