Monday, April 21, 2014

Exalt, Exalt the One

Exalt, exalt the One
Dominion left His throne
A robe of flesh to don
A death of thieves to bear
Exalt, exalt the name
Of He who bore our shame
The Son of God: He came
Hope’s stronghold to prepare

Exalt, exalt I AM
For He became a Lamb
No blood of bull or ram
Could cleanse or justify
Exalt then oh, exalt
Atonement without fault
Jesus poured out his All
God’s wrath to satisfy

Exalt, exalt Him then
Jesus saves sons of men
Once and for all He came
Death’s valley to pass through
Come, lay sin’s idols down
Beneath Love’s thorny crown
Redemption’s spotless gown
Waits there for me and you

© Janet Martin

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