Saturday, April 19, 2014

When Springtime Spills in Daffodils...

 I took a picture of this dell on my walk the other is waiting for spring to spill in daffodils and green, and lilacs and forget-me-not. These trees, like most around here are ready to begin healing after a grueling winter that just does not want to quit.

When springtime spills in daffodils
And tattered dells don robes of green
…and babbling brooks wear blue-sky sheen
…and apple trees flaunt blossom frills
Then little lads kick off their shoes
And earth is glad in rainbow hues
When springtime spills in daffodils
 Gold kiss to Mother Nature’s muse

Then springtime jots forget-me-not
Where now the copse is dull and bare
Without wild flowers in her hair
Or lilacs in her wooded lot
Where daydreams waken as we lie
Half-sleeping ‘neath an azure sky
Then springtime jots forget-me-not
Like ellipses scattered awry

When springtime laughs on garden paths
And tickles dust between bare toes
And splashes freckles on Fred’s nose
Winking where winter poured its wrath
And ice-white barrenness had been
When the whole world is young and green
And springtime laughs on garden paths
Then everyone is seventeen

© Janet Martin


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