Monday, April 21, 2014



Retrospect drives truth-pangs through the heart
Today we love; tomorrow we may part
First’s are life-hallmarks; charted and prized
‘Lasts’ slip by, easily unrecognized

Retrospect strums soul-strings tenderly
Calling to moments tossed, lost to time’s sea
‘Now’ fills my palm urging me from my thought
Lest I miss ‘the something’ this morsel besought

Retrospect trembles in visions aloft
Double-edged grace; inexorable waft
Startling the drifter to reality
How quickly an hour fades to history

© Janet Martin

Salome passed away early on Saturday morning.(for the past year she was in a long-term care facility due to increased care needs) Everyone's favorite aunt is finally with Jesus. Death brings retrospect...She will be laid to rest tomorrow morning.No more Down's Syndrome, no more Alzheimer, and all Jesus and her momma and papa!

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