Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Future

PAD Challenge day 10: write a future poem

The Future is at the mercy
Not of Past but Present
It leaves in its wake
Outgrown shoes,
Cookies crumbs
And echoes of what once was

The Future dreams…
…'of living in the UK because
She like the rain’
She tells me
Over breakfast
And morning prayers

The Future boards school-buses
Consuming much more
Than we know
As it strips the Present
Of its offering
Before it is Past

The Future bounces basket-balls
With eyes on a skyline
Of endless possibility,
Home is a launch-pad
To destinations

Here they come,
Blond-brunette potential
The Future; at the mercy
Of choices we make

© Janet Martin

Today Matt’s classmate (Gr. 10) is getting his foot amputated in hopes of ridding his body of cancer. While his buddies dream of baseball, driving, girls…Colton dreams of having a Future.

Hugs and prayers, Colton and family.

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