Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ah, Great Lonesome...

 I know I posted this song not so long ago here but listening to this tune evokes a Great Lonesome until...

Ah, Great Lonesome, you would kill me
Spread like cancer through my soul
Not for lack of smiles and kisses
But for That which makes me Whole
Tell me, cold and nameless Hunger
What is it you covet so?
Tormenting both old and younger
With a hollow, weeping throe

Ah, Great Lonesome, fearless hunter
Stalking wonder for its prize
Taking prisoners without pity
Lodging in Want’s thankless sighs
Tell me, sad and silent stranger
What is it you strive to seek?
Without pardon or permission
You trace teardrops on my cheek

Ah Great Lonesome, haunting fetter
But for tender triumph where
I can flee; a pining beggar
At the mercy of a prayer
Here, upon Love’s lavish promise
Though you taunt and weep and wail
I am safe within the comfort
Of One Love that cannot fail

© Janet Martin


  1. This was beautiful and spoke to my very soul this morning.

  2. Thank-you Debbie. That One True love is enough. hallelujah.

  3. Oh I love the way this one swirls Janet...beautifully comforting poem and truth.

  4. Thank-you Jen. I was going to bed when boom! something told me to write;)


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