Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mid-April Snow

Last night I sensed a brooding  restlessness in the gathering of daylight...this morning I knew why!

It bullies in without invitation
No celebration or rousing rah-rah
Even the robin declares his frustration
Vexed at a landscape reluctant to thaw

Dear old man winter, you’ve worn out your welcome
Take your white troops to the far side of earth
There they are waiting to greet you with bells on
Here we are weary of ice-feather mirth

Hearts are half-crazy for violet and daisy
Our bodies starved for gold kiss of the sun
April is famous for showers, not flurries
Take your vile humor, oh winter and run

We dream of grandstands upon hillside meadow
Where we will lie on dusk’s blue-shadow grid
Somehow white beauty outside every window
No longer moves me the way it once did

Baritone banter of half-spring surrender
Tosses bud-tresses eager to bestow
Green gilded glory of first-blossom splendor
Where you have decked her with mid-April snow

© Janet Martin

Went out for a walk/run tonight; it was painfully cold and insultingly beautiful;)

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