Monday, April 21, 2014

Beautiful Basics

Today's PAD challenge; write a back to basics poem

Creek-song winds lazy, like honey-gold dream
Locust whines high in bronze willow-limb tent
August noon, hazy, sultry-sweet requiem
Trickles to vaults of each summer soon spent

Childhood sprawls endless beneath bare brown feet
Mother calls ‘dinner’, baby spills his milk
Farmer is whistling in dusk’s dying heat
Moments fill archives with silver-soft silk

Screen door slams twenty or more times a day
Heaven splays fretwork of shadow on grass
Where on its dappled quilt innocence plays
Not knowing yet how swift youth’s summers pass

Mother taps stove-pipe and calls, ‘rise and shine’
Oatmeal to water; breakfast in an hour
We splash through dawn calling co’ boss’ ‘milking-time’
Bessie is slow, her tail flings brawny shower

Creek-song winds lazy into the sunset
Childhood and motherhood soon coalesce
Oatmeal to water, sonny spills his milk
Mother recalls simple basics; life’s best

© Janet Martin

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