Sunday, April 6, 2014

Night's Poem

Pad Challenge Day 6: Write a night poem

Mute layer over layer merges blue on bronze-bathed sweep
Of pastures on the hillside, silver rivers in the dell
It snuffs the reaching shadows scrawled in whispers on sod-fell
Where minstrels croon a vesper tune to lull the day to sleep

Darling, the road to paradise beneath duvets and dreams
Is scarred with sundry stumbles where attempts at greatness spill
But we will set aside the sorrows of morning until
This spread of star-soft kiss dissolves within time’s begging streams

This span of God-gifted reprieve from duty's tireless tome
Tucks earth beneath the luxury of slumber’s smiling sighs
Save for the bard that wanders through its wonder-woven skies
In search of that elusive word lost somewhere in night's poem

© Janet Martin

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