Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tell it to Yourself

PAD Challenge day 24: make your title; Tell it to(fill in the blank) then write your poem

…because the chariot of fire that sweeps the sky
Soon fades beneath vesper lullaby
With shadows sketched on the old stone wall
Where once a barn stood tall, but fall
And winter-spring-summer have taken their toll
Still, we tell ourselves we are not so old
And being mature is fine, like wine
And we tell ourselves that we don’t mind
The evidence of ‘wisdom’ where
Once raven tresses pleased our stare
Before the understanding of
Ecclesiastes bared its proof
And suddenly we realize
Truth is immutable; the lies
We told ourselves when we were young
Have borne their fruit; and we were wrong
Though Knowledge tricked us for awhile
Nothing has power to beguile
Time’s merry moments from its clocks
As years fall prey to soldered locks
Of air; though we rebel no one can fight
This swell of morning-noon-to-night
The Equalizer of a man
Comes once to all; a subtle hand
And then one day we say it, small
Our parents were right after all’

© Janet Martin

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