Thursday, April 3, 2014

Message From a Poem to its Reader

 Pad Challenge day 3: Write a message poem

A poem takes some time to taste
Do not skim hurriedly   
Across my skin, lest in your haste
You miss the heart of me

For poetry is layered fruit
A passion-purpose prayer
Of message oft misunderstood
Like thought-seeds spit to air

This soul-blood fruit of fold on fold
Reveals, not at first glance
The bittersweet of gray and gold
Scavenged from word-romance
So, let it linger on your lips
This kiss of consonants
Is more than page twixt fingertips
Or Muse deliverance

It is the bread from beggar-bards
The salt siphoned from tears
The nucleus of poet-hearts
Exposed to eyes and ears

...and do you hear beyond the breeze
That word alone will spell?
Ah, do you crave intricacies
That poets never tell?

...and do you hunger for the splurge
Not of infantile drink,
But from a raw and ruthless merge
Of poetry and ink?
Or do you choose to dash across
This type-print that you see?
My love, to you alone the loss
Of missing poetry
© Janet Martin


Thank you always for your visit and your thoughts.