Monday, April 14, 2014

April Showers

 It is WILD-windy-rainy today! but what was a snow-drift the other day is now a puddle;)

April shower melts cold mantle from woodland and garden plot
Stirring buds of tulip, lilac, violet, forget-me-not
Long the fists of Old Man Winter clenched spring-sashes in deep freeze
Now we dream of fragrance snowing white from bloom-frothed apple trees

April shower stirs the cheer-a-lee from robin, dove and lark
Probing to the pulse of petals cupped within hope’s budded dark
Soon the stricken form of winter-land will flaunt fresh robes of green
As we gaze in renewed wonder where brown barrenness had been

April showers, heaven’s canticle from lowered laud-less strings
Yet we feel a reel of flowers forming in these brooding flings
Dance, the dark of winter passes in spring’s rain-drop symphony
Soon the earth will be a garden where the winter used to be

© Janet Martin

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