Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Not What It Seems...

 This day's farewell bore a special brand of beauty; earth is a mosaic of sod, snow and sea!

You lay your farewell on the land
In blushing little lakes
Where dusk deepens its ether strand
Slipping beyond the brakes
Naked vision observes your flight
Into past’s memory-streams
Before the darkness snuffs your light
And you are gone…it seems

Oh, let the weary seek their cot
And may slumber be sweet
Without worry to perplex thought
…or despair or defeat
For midnight, like a phantom-guest
Waits at the morrow’s gate
To usher in what will be next
On living’s mercy-plate

Silence prevails; you disappear
Up to the Milky Way
Good-night and rest ye well, my dear
That once was our Today
You turn to wink then slip from sight
Knowing you’ll come again
To vex the laws of middle-night
With poetry and pen

© Janet Martin

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