Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eighteen Wheels

Eighteen wheels sure can play a lonesome tune
Especially as they carry you away from home
You’ll be back again soon, Lord willing, this I know
But as you’re shifting gears the mournful sonnets start to flow
And as I standing here waving good-by to you
I start thinking it’s amazing what eighteen wheels can do…….

While you see mountains, oceans all from cab-top view
I see an ocean of love in dearest eyes of blue
While you say hello Chicago I tuck little ones to bed
And we remember daddy as our bed-time prayers are said
So if ever you begin to feel a little blue
I’d like to remind you dear, what eighteen wheels can do…….

Eighteen wheels feed little mouths that laugh and sing and pray
Eighteen wheels keep mom at home when you are far away
Eighteen wheels means wood for warmth and shoes, and clothes and such
A thousand little things we take for-granted far too much
And eighteen wheels lets Sonny play a hockey game or two
Yes, we remember when we pray what eighteen wheels can do…….

Eighteen wheels can play a soulful tune
But dear, I know that you will be home soon
So when you’re far away and feeling blue
Remember dear, what eighteen wheels can do
Daddy we love and appreciate you
God bless and keep those eighteen wheels…and you

With love, from
Your wife

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