Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Journey of a Poet's Heart

 PAD Challenge day 2: write a voyage poem

The journey of a poet’s heart defies
The commonness of ordinary things
For threaded through life’s hellos and good-byes
We find frayed filigree of our heart-strings
My, my, how thought traverses fluently
The Bygone with its everlasting keep
Why, just this morning It murmured to me
Rousing my want from nothingness of sleep
I reach to touch its warm whisper again
It fades to naught; save in my weeping pen

The journey of a poet’s heart implores
Each space of air diurnal to the crowds
A money-minded man glibly ignores
The agony of gold on gilded clouds
But we, vexed by word-possibility
Are spellbound by a wounded, wafting thought
Or haunted by a world that cannot be
Save for the bravery of bleeding jot
Like pipe-smoke on a sultry summer’s eve
The curl of consonants and vowels weave

The journey of a poet’s heart regales
Perimeters achieved by ink alone
Dusk droops its dark on moorland yet unveils
A world only to bards and beggars known
We suffer, yet delight within the thirst
Of paintings framed where drifters pause to see
This Thing by which we are both blessed and cursed
As Night and Day lays bare its poetry  
While we scavenge its deep for shadow-shards
Time’s autograph of Hours disregards

© Janet Martin

The last line in this poem is the first line that 'hatched' as I pondered the journey of a poet's heart, but that  is the way it is...sometimes we climb backwards to get to the beginning!

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