Friday, April 4, 2014

Since David the Psalmist and Shakespeare and Frost...

 PAD Challenge Day 4: Write a 'since' poem

Since David the Psalmist,
And Shakespeare and Frost
Since Marvell and Milton and Clare
Since Browning and Dickinson, Kipling and Yeats
Poetry spills everywhere

Since Coleridge, Tennyson,
Shelley, Swift, Blake
Since Byron, Longfellow and Guest
Wordsworth and Whitman and Herrick and Donne
Poetry speaks the heart best

Since Whittier, Rossetti,
Wyatt, Watts, Poe
Raleigh, Patmore, Phillips and Wilde
Lawrence and Hardy and Drummond and Burns
Poetry is heaven’s Child

Since Collins and Cowper,
Fitzgerald, Bronte
Since Lincoln, Kilmer and Riley
We touch the soul
Though time's centuries roll
Of God-kisses in poetry name just a few!

© Janet Martin

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