Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Along the flight of hill to hill
On daybreak-burnished path
The postlude of spent season spills
Amaranth aftermath
Hush, hush, lush labyrinth of leaf
And buxom, boisterous bloom
The mother of harvested sheaf
Insists upon your plume

Her belvedere of there to Here
Unbridled, idles not
But weans the velveteen veneer
From wood and garden plot
Where shuttle of an ether loom
With deft dexterity
Unravels while weaving; womb-tomb
Her primed propinquity

The highlight of summer-dream dims
It runs bud-caldrons dry
And strums the limb rife with life-hymns
To spectral lullaby
Hush, hush, plush petal-paradise
Earth’s Guerdon of decay
Delights the straggler with a prize
Not yet whispered away

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautifully composed

    1. thank-you...lines snared on the run to and from the garden as we gathered 'glad tidings' for canning and dinner!


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