Monday, June 5, 2017

When Summer Comes...

When summer comes a-wooing from fathoms of blue and green
With every other color on earth’s palette tossed between
We stroll a little lighter through its ‘bare feet welcome’ rooms
And sing a little brighter midst its serenade of blooms

When summer comes a-gleaming from a fount of petal-snow
Then, dreamers trade in dreaming to taste moments here and now
We wish a little wiser in its wander-wonder-world
We fish a little river in the cast of dusk unfurled

When summer comes a-traipsing from a place beyond our gaze
Where sunshine’s yellow cello music sets the sea ablaze
We laugh a little blither; learn a language none can teach
Where far too long we yearned for songs that shimmer on the beach

When summer comes a-smiling like fair maidens in first love
With wind-whispers beguiling more than birds to shadowed grove
We take a little picnic packed in winter’s fantasy
And make a pretty picture for next winter’s memory

When summer comes a-scattering lupine and columbine
Her pockets tattered with the weight of honey-suckle vine
We work a little gladder where the season’s hour lends
A sweet and swift undoing like a bud whose flower ends

When summer comes cajoling like waves rolling to a shore
Whereon the best of love and life engraves its phantom roar
We loll a little longer ‘neath the green tree in its prime
And grow a little stronger in the good old summertime

© Janet Martin


  1. Absolutely lovely photos and poem. How I love summer.


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