Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Contemplating Clocks

 My, but that clock is a smooth-tocker, oh  
Melting a year like a starlet of snow

The offspring of a clock yields more than
days turned into years. The grant of
 morning’s open door swings
 wide and disappears. Then
laid before mortal survey
To choice’s aptitude
buffet to
Test our attitude
Where gratitude and 
circumstance are ever 
intertwined And everybody   
has the chance to be patient and kind.    
So when we look back to replay not  merely 
days  and years. The offspring of a clock will
splay fond scenes through thankful tears

© Janet Martin

Reaffirming an attitude of gratitude
as the years tally up and park a new number in the 'age' slot of Janet:) 
Hopefully I can share pics later of how I spent my birthday!

...and thank-you Sasha, for a beautiful poem-gift.
What a poignant last line!


  1. Many happy returns!
    Looking forward to the pics :)

  2. Very clever and masterfully composed.

  3. So hard to believe a year has passed since the 'big one' smooth tocker for sure..
    you are a great inspiration though.. Thank you. (I absolutely adore Sasha's post too.)

    1. Thank-you sis. hugs. My, but the years do fly!!


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