Friday, January 15, 2021

Who Knows Who or What Waits...

I'm hoping/picturing when the nose of the Journey is pointed homeward tonight
the house will be spic-and-span,
but most of us have learned that our morning Maybe
 is subject to change of plan

Who knew a pile of dirty dishes can surprise us with a bit of beauty!

The Bygone-brush is dripping as we speak/read!!
And tonight, the whole world over, as we all survey our personal Portrait of Today
not one single picture will be exactly alike!
By God's grace then let's make courtesy, kindness and thankfulness the Beauty
each 'painting' has in common

Around the corner or across the street 
Who knows who or what waits our gait to greet 
Will it be stem-full-of-thorns, or the rose 
Will it be a kiss or punch in the nose 

The day at hand sits on time’s window sill 
Who knows who or what waits its frame to fill 
Darling, the colours that drip, splash and run 
Turn into works of art, never undone 

From the fine mingling of was-is-will be 
Who knows who or what waits to shape hist’ry 
Aptly, the hour is emptied and set 
Etching forever its brief pirouette 

While we work with what we somewhat expect 
Who knows who or what waits to interject 
But as each beck and call fills in the blanks 
Pray that above all, it resonates thanks 

© Janet Martin 

...always giving thanks to God the Father for everything,
 in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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