Monday, January 4, 2021

Reason or Wonder Origami

There comes a point in one's 'travels'
or wet-snow-laden-ski-clump-clump
where we eventually put the camera away and simply wonder/worship.
But I did get some snow-mementos before doing so!

Took to the slopes for a while yesterday, 
well, maybe slopes is a bit exaggerated but hills and dells isn't😀
and I stood in the *illusion of 'the middle of nowhere' (I could still hear cars)
and sang How Great Thou Art at the top of my lusty rusty range to
the only One who could possibly hear me 
because beauty such as fresh snowfall 
will woo one to do such things!

Each hill and rill and dell and frond 
And crook and nook and brook and pond 
And lingering leaf and laud-less limb 
Manifests and showcases Him 

How glorious, the cloth unfurled 
To gild and cloak the naked world 
No dowdy rags to drape earth’s bars 
But a cape of sequins and stars 

How manifold and wonder-wild 
The world extols the day God smiled 
And flung into eternity 
Creation’s sacred ‘let there be’ 

How beautiful God’s perfect plan 
Where we have ruined all we can 
While His supreme authority 
Safeguards creation’s majesty 

Where bud and seed heed the design 
That breeds the tendrils of the vine 
And feeds the creatures in the care 
Of He who tends time’s thoroughfare 

And bends the bough that bears the fruit 
And grants the offspring to the root 
And fills each season with fresh ways 
To fold Reason to humble praise 

© Janet Martin 

*my sister wrote in a Christmas letter 
how one Sunday in autumn they hiked along the river and old railway 
until "it certainly felt like the middle of nowhere but
the sound of distant traffic reminded her that it was but an illusion"

How often if we rely on 'feeling'
do we become disillusioned!
Better to rely on what we know, not see!

Psalm 90:2
Before the mountains were born 
or you brought forth the whole world, 
from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

Here is a one of my favourite versions of
one of my favourite hymns!

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