Friday, January 29, 2021

The Futility of 'Should'


Sore foot (mentioned here) feeling much better today after
reaping the rewards of folly...
And turning 'should' into
'did' put There, a pair of shoes to wear
while splitting wood.

Jim split this pile for me.
(because when I get the axe stuck 
in a stubborn piece of firewood
it's quite a performance to un-stuck it!😟)
Oh! nothing like a picture to make us notice things...
 I should sweep 😐!!

Good choice or bad 
Well, aren’t you glad 
Each time you choose the good? 
Where oft trouble 
Is the rubble 
Of ignoring ‘Should’ 

Why is it 
That we resist it; 
Wisdom’s greater good 
Learning after 
Reckless laughter 
The shrewdness of Should 

Stumbles, tumbles, 
Fumbles, humble 
This foolhardy brood 
…long the lesson 
of confessin’ 
Disregarded Should 

What good are 
These super-star- 
Sidekicks of Could and Would 
If we never 
Take it further 
Wisdom’s whispered ‘should’ 

Good intention
The invention
Of many a 'should'
Just imagine
What attainment
If we only would

© Janet Martin 

Should on its own has never accomplished a Thing!
What's on your Should-list?
(because we all have one...or should)😉

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