Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Wonder-full Wake Of It All

This poem began with the intention of being about life
but turned into a poem that could also be about marriage

Life is full of lessons on learning how to get along and share!
Every summer the ducks at our cottage make me chuckle;
they seem like people in a way; some greedy and noisy
 and others more easy-going as they learn how to share
their food and their lake😊 

You know how it is; the kick and the kiss 
The sorrow that sweetens the joy 
The worlds that fly through hello and good-bye 
The duty that gathers our dreams in a sigh 
The beauty that feathers a tear to our eye 
And weathers the once-girl-and-boy 

You know how it goes, high-fives and low blows 
The wonder-full wake of it all 
The twist, turn and tug, the live-learn, the hug 
The pain-staking prayers for loads that we lug 
The haste of a year full of chug-chug-chug 
The sparkle of stars as they fall 

You know how it hurts; for better or worse 
So worth keeping hand to the plow 
The pull and the shove as we work through the rough 
Knowing sometimes showing up is enough 
Heave-ho, hold, let go, for the sake of love 
And the sanctity of a vow 

You know how it takes what we have and makes 
A heart-and-soul art-gallery 
The tint of Time slips through fingers and lips 
My, how the brush of the rush of days drips 
Into a mural of tempests and ships 
And by God’s grace, love’s legacy 

© Janet Martin 

Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, 
but also for the interests of others.

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