Monday, January 4, 2021

Sum of Influence


My mother gave all of her siblings and children a 'book' binder for Christmas;
a story she has been writing for over a decade that began
the day she was born and shared in her words some of her life
up until her marriage to my dad!
As I read it I marveled over and over what a lovely, wonderful mother we had
long before she was a mother!
(this, I am sure was not her reason for writing the book)
this is my observation as she shares some of the memories 
and lessons she documented over the years
and put in a book as a memento for future generations, to peek into the past
and help us appreciate the pieces of lives that have helped to shape our own!

My mom and dad were such faithful
(not perfect, but faithful) examples of faith
and the older we get the more we value the priceless gift
our childhoods were and the foundation they laid for our
own journeys of faith for this life. 

Life can evoke a sense of sacred threads placed into our hands
that only by God's grace and through His Word  
can we weave them into something of value
for future generations to cling to!

Our grandson turns four today!
The next generation is wasting no time in growing up too fast!
From this... this in the twinkle of an eye

(and a few groans😉)
He is quite a character!!

How manifold the pieces of 
what makes our life and shapes our love 
How hidden are so many parts 
of other people’s hopes and hearts 
that ever-deftly intertwine 
the tendrils of the family vine 
to weave with circumstance and choice 
the mentor of tomorrow’s voice 
as influence unfolds its sum 
in generations yet to come 

© Janet Martin 


  1. Congratulations, beautiful "grandma" Janet!
    And thank you for sharing your mother's gift - so special!

    1. Thank-you! SO much to be thankful for, and yes, mom's book is one of my most treasured possessions! The fruit of a diligent labour of love on so many levels!

  2. What a lovely memento. A true treasure for you and your family. And what a cutie pie of a grandson. They take no time at all to grow up!

    1. Hi Brenda. it is a treasure! I knew mom was working on a book and had heard bits and pieces about it but never imagined the priceless details that make it SO extra-special! As grand-sonny turns four!!! pinch me! we see the wheels of time just keep turning!


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