Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Of Endless Possibilities (finally, a foodie post)

People are like cooking ingredients; 
Capable of so much more when put together! 

Like today's lunch salad...
each ingredient is okay on its own 

but outstanding when mixed!
(Today's version. this style of salad is fantastically versatile!)
A few handfuls of chopped cauliflower, 
Approximately 1 cup chopped cucumber,
chopped red onion (to taste) 1/2 can chick peas, 1/2 cup black beans,
1 large carrot, shredded, crumbled feta cheese
Dressing; put in blender
 Juice of 2 lemons
2 tbsp. sugar or honey
pinch of pepper flakes
dash of dill
smidgeon of salt and fresh ground black pepper
1/2 cup oil
blend approx. 1 min.
optional ingred. handfuls of chopped kale or spinach, avocado, red peppers, broccoli, celery, etc.

Blending the ingredients of the recipe below, published in the latest Rural Route
(tweaked a bit so I can share the recipe and because I don't like using margarine in cooking)
is a delicious break-the-muffin-blahs. a little different too, blending the whole orange!

 For Christmas I received a recipe book; on my wish list for a while!

The recipe below has quickly become a favorite!

Seriously yummy!

Unfortunately, midst the excitement of eating
I always forget to take a picture of the finished product... here it is not quite all gone!
the first one (no pic)had the cherry tomatoes...definitely a nice finishing touch if you have them!

Together we can do far more than each of us alone 
Imagine, flour without butter trying to be Scone 
Imagine if an egg were only scrambled, boiled or fried 
Or if measure-and-stir was Cook’s simple pleasure, denied 

Imagine if a wooden spoon could never mix and beat 
No pinch ‘o this and-bit-‘o-that to make it salty, sweet 
No culinary prizes, nothing to whip, froth or fold 
No new supper-surprises from ingredients age-old 

No simmer, sauté, season, sift or mince, chop, slice and dice 
No making something special for somebody very nice 
No chill, bake, broil, nothing pinched, dashed or smidgen-ed into bowls 
No pudding, pie, soup, cookies, cakes, chowders or casseroles 

Imagine if we couldn’t toss a medley in a bowl 
To make something that satisfies the stomach, heart and soul 
Imagine if we never had discovered shredded cheese !!!
Imagine life, without love's endless possibilities😋😊 

© Janet Martin

Last night's supper included a never-gets-old-version
of roasted Veggies,
cube veggies and toss with seasonings
Last night I kept it simple
Salt and pepper, garlic powder and thyme
drizzle of olive oil. 

spread on baking sheet. Bake at 375-400
Baking time depends on amount and veggie kinds...from 40-60 minutes.
I always do a huge batch so leftovers can be used for lunches etc.


  1. This made me so hungry! Will bookmark for later. I know I want a side of roasted veggies tonight :)


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