Thursday, January 7, 2021

Ode to Goodness

"Thank Goodness for the unfailing things."
commented a friend on the previous post...
Here is an Ode to Goodness

Where not so long ago I lost my heart
on a snow-canvas of blue shadow-art

one mysterious little critter left a trail of
heart-shaped tracks in the snow, as far as the eye could go...

I used the advantages of ink to 
open this poem with a buttercup meadow😊
Doesn't just saying the word 'buttercup' make the day feel brighter?!

Buttercups spilling like sparkles of sun 
Over a meadow of flora, fresh-spun 
Where not so long ago I lost my heart 
On a snow-canvas of blue-shadow art 

Creation cannot deny He who spills 
Four season splendour to hollows and hills 
Jack-frosted window-pane, plush, blushing morn 
Dreams running rampant in gardens reborn 

Time is a flutter, a gilt butterfly 
Winter-spring-summer-and-autumn, oh my 
Over and over, earth’s flower is wrought 
By what the Father of nature has taught 

Light shatters darkness at break of Today 
Nothing can keep what God promised, at bay 
We gape as if we have never beheld 
Amethyst mist with molten oceans meld 

Goodness and Mercy will never betray 
Hearts that have humbled their will to His way 
The surface showcases blush-blue-gold-green 
While faith embraces The Sacred Unseen 

Larks lift their lyrics without second-guess 
Hark! Can you hear it? Perfect happiness 
Winter's hearth flickers with quickening cheer 
Of warmth and welcome to all who draw near 

Leave to the atheist, spec, blind and rude 
Futile debates of love misunderstood 
Better to marvel where beauty confirms 
Goodness to we, little better than worms 

Snow-flowers shower the bower with stars 
Gazillion sequins bedeck brumal bars 
Where Old Man Winter will yield to the charm 
Of a fair, golden-haired lass on his arm 

Rivers will gurgle and giggle, set free 
Out through the wide-open veldt to the sea 
Farmers will whistle and mothers will sing 
Throwing back shutters to welcome in spring 

Robins will warble and buds will unfold 
Pink-petal miracles, green, purple, gold 
Woodlands will brandish fresh notes from each limb 
As nature heralds the Bard of the hymn 

Seeds will astonish as we watch them grow 
Specks small and brownish God’s power will show 
Unfathomed increase, our hunger to feed 
Divine Providence contained in a seed 

No one can thwart what the Lord sets in place 
Evil will never be greater than grace 
Seasons will never be left to ‘perhaps’ 
*Hear how the hill sings and how the tree claps 

Lilies will never forget how to bloom 
Consider He who arranges the loom 
That weaves the fabric that so clothes the field 
That breathes the wonder whereby hearts are healed 

That woos the worship from we, always caught 
Between what has been and what yet is not 
That keeps us, still in the thick of the fight 
Cradled in colours of mercy and light 

Where soon the afternoon climbs the last knoll 
Like tilted steeples the blue shadows toll 
Where freeways twinkle with dot-to-dot cars 
Where dusk is waiting to draw down the stars 

Where we are never forsaken by He 
Who trails but fringes of His Majesty, 
Who lowered glory through sky after sky 
Of unplumbed galaxies to you and I 

Praise to the Giver of wonder and mirth 
Praise to the Maker of heaven and earth 
Praise to the riches no miser can hoard 
From God’s abundance of goodness outpoured 

Praise to the Artist of supreme design 
Praise to the way awe and joy intertwine 
Praise to the Author of beauty unflawed 
Praise to the goodness and mercy of God 

© Janet Martin 

*You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; 
the mountains and hills will burst into song before you,
 and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.


  1. My Goodness, Janet! All I did was write a short comment :) You're amazing.

    "Rivers will gurgle and giggle, set free
    Out through the wide-open veldt to the sea
    Farmers will whistle and mothers will sing
    Throwing back shutters to welcome in spring"

    Just today I was outside thinking, this looks a bit like spring: zero snow, and the sun felt quite warm. I'm ready for spring, and digging, and planting flowers...

    1. haha! I'm sure you were not expecting this but as I read the comment the word Goodness took away some of my longing and replaced it with joy! So thank-you!
      I'm already thinking about gardening as well, I think partly because the public world is closed and gardens are such friendly right-outside-our-doors getaways! We have lots of snow and gardening here is still at least 3 and a half months.
      Jim is just returning from another run to SC and he said the same thing as snow nd 5F.Nice!


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