Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Don't Wait for Wonder

Cherishing the word cozy today
while I pray for drivers to be safe!
(Victoria just made it home after being sent home early!
Wow! Was I relieved to see her! And wow, was she relieved too)

The feeding station has been flooded with feather-flurry all morning

Don’t wait for wonder; look and see 
For surely, purely poetry 
Brims from a beauty-giddy fount 
In glints too manifold to count 
Like petals from a blossom-tree 

Don’t wait for wishes to come true 
Let Mercy’s Meanwhile run us through 
With wonder-wild astonishment 
To smile away longing’s lament 
And make us humbly thankful too 

Don’t wait for what already is 
Of giggle, snuggle, hug and kiss 
For if we look beyond today 
To pine for morrow’s might or may 
How much of here and now we miss 

Don’t wait for wonder’s sweet surprise 
While plundering a sea of sighs 
But take the time to look and see 
To touch the hand of Majesty 
And gaze into the Giver’s eyes 

Don't fall for some far-off decoy
But cherish words like 'girl and 'boy'
For far too soon the picture fades
Into floats in phantom parades
That echo with yesterday's joy

© Janet Martin 

Cherish words like girl and boy...and COZY!

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