Thursday, January 28, 2021

Knowing Death is Definite

Due to an act of X-treme Stupity I'm 'smitten with sittin' today
because of a sore foot.
(in case you are wondering why another poem is written😏)

Inspired, in part by today's post by Ann Voskamp

"For nothing is nothing, darling 
No matter how small it seems"

This photos were sent to me yesterday after they left
taken by 'mom' unbeknownst to me😄
(Photo credit: B. H. mom of tots)

Knowing Death is definite- 
ly pending, ending time and grace 
Does it make us want to make some- 
-thing of all we touch and trace 
For nothing is nothing, darling 
No matter how small it seems 
And no one knows how much living 
Is left on the loom of dreams 

Does it makes us want to savour 
The full flavor of Today 
Labour with love’s renewed fervor 
Before one is called away 
Does it make the bitter better 
Knowing that 'this too shall pass' 
Knowing death is definite 
-ly Somewhere in life’s hour-glass 

Does it bid us garnish turmoil 
With the goodness of a smile 
And get soft and sweetly smitten 
By this ver’ precarious While 
Does it make us don warm mittens 
And make angels in the snow 
Before our names are written 
In some tear-rimmed afterglow 

Knowing Death is Definite 
-ly pending, ending all of us 
How in the world are we getting 
Ready for our exodus 
Does it draw us (in what sometimes 
Feels like small significance) 
Into the Moment-ous music
Of a Very Sacred Dance 

© Janet Martin

“100 per cent of us die, and the percentage cannot be increased. ”
― C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory


  1. As I was scrolling down, I was afraid I'd see a pic of some unfortunate accident. I hope you didn't hurt your foot while having so much winter fun with the kids.?. Do feel better. "The full flavor of Today" -- lovely!

    1. haha! No, this was fine . It was when I went to rebuild the fire I let get too low and split some wood without footwear (knowing better but I was in a hurry) and a piece of wood ricocheted off my foot but it is feeling much better tonight, thankfully. You can't fix stupid, right;-(

    2. thank-you Sasha<3 I promise I will try to be wiser, even in a hurry! lesson learned, I hope!


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