Thursday, January 28, 2021

How Very Dust We Are, or Circumstantial Happiness

One of my favorite poets is Edgar A. Guest
Rich writing in a layman's terms because what doth it profit 
anyone if a poem is only understood by the poet?

Sharing a few gems for your benefit!

What if love gets so fixated on fringes and forgets 
What matters most where life is full of boast-euphoric bets 
What if the only thing I have when this day-fling is done 
Are accolades that perish with the setting of time’s sun 

What if I get so focused on the fray that I ignore 
The approach of The Judgment Day and Who we are here for 
Too taken up with ‘treasures’ that are volatile at best 
Admitting in an awful end, that I have failed the test 

What if I take goodness for granted without thankful praise 
And never root out the rebel in human-natured ways 
What if trouble would never double its substantial rod 
And I would never truly humble myself before God 

What if, this tenement of hopes and dreams housed nothing more 
Than dust-to-dust sequestered schemes of selfish, greedy gore 
Because I didn’t bother to acquaint myself with He 
Who, when this life is over unveils Immortality 

What if the ‘Glad tidings of great joy’ that the angels brought 
Would never touch the heart; the part that transforms idle thought 
What if I miss the only thing worth anything, That Day 
Because I was too focused on all that will pass away 

What if nothing reminded us How Very Dust We Are
How Circumstantial Happiness is like a shiny car
That soon loses its luster, in a heap of rusted sham
The gates of hell are decorated with dust-glitz and glam 

Pray that I fix my eyes upon a Prize I cannot see
Where nothing in this world can take the place of Calvary
...and the price of salvation wrought to pay sin's deadly toll 
What profit to gain the whole world only to lose The Soul

© Janet Martin

 For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? 
Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

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