Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Rush Hour's Waiting Room


Time flies in spite of all we are waiting for!
Some prayers get answered quickly, 
others are a kind of whisper-woven waiting-room!

Only One knows what all will unfold in the sun's gold trek from east to west,
what prayers will have answers we recognize 
and which ones are veiled in what feels like waiting.

Psalm 130:5
I wait for the LORD; my soul does wait, and in His word I put my hope.

What waits to be no one can see save He who keep us in His care 
What waits to teach our wanting reach is something each must trust to prayer 
What waits to turn lessons we learn to wisdom earned as years increase 
Waits to compose with ebbs and flows of highs and lows, a Masterpiece 

What waits to blend daybreak and end where whispers wend and groan and grin 
What waits to stir perfect wonder to thunder beneath speechless skin 
What waits to seal the rush and reel of silk and steel behind closed doors 
Waits to create a brand-new gate through which the weight of waiting pours 

What waits to make, with give and take the awe and ache of letting go
What waits to tune the afternoon with what will soon festoon thought's show
What waits to spill, to thrill, to fill this uphill drill twixt sky and sod 
Waits to become the soldered sum of mercies from the hand of God 

© Janet Martin 



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