Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year's Prayer


New Year's Resolution-prayer

Posting the annual New Year's Card
(one that belonged to my Grandparents)
People used to send New Year's cards with words of 
thankfulness and encouragement inside!

Let us not be like wisemen 
Leaving gifts that we forget 
Bending to pick up again 
Hope’s cast-offs of fear and dread 

Let us not return to drink 
From the cesspools of this world 
After we bowed at the brink 
Of Living Water unfurled 

Let us not forget the joys 
We embraced on Christmas Eve 
When we return to life’s noise 
Let us still hope and believe 

Let us not return to hills 
To tend flocks of careworn earth 
And forget the song that spilled 
When angels announced His birth 

Let us keep the love we feel 
As we kneel in Bethlehem 
Let us hope in Who is real 
In Thy precious name, amen 

© Janet Martin 

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