Friday, January 29, 2021

God Lifts His Voice


God lifts His Voice

and darkness drifts...

into the gift of brand, new day...

God lifts his voice and darkness drifts into the gift of brand, new day 
Snow slips and drips into spring’s grinning, winning, thinning hip-hooray 
Flawless vision with precision aligns commission of the stars 
Wonder thunders, whispers, plunders, drives asunder hunger’s wars 

God lifts his Voice; svelte veneers melt beneath the Whisper of the One 
Who ordains and orders cosmic borders dwarfing stars, moon and sun 
Who causes fire to rain and rain to fall and fall to winter days 
Who tires not while we inquire at His higher thoughts and ways 

God lifts His Voice; bittersweet charter metes the mortar of the clock 
Mercy gushes through ambushes of quicksand around Solid Rock 
Mankind rushes, recedes, pushes at brushes beyond our control 
Sensing an immense propensity of Mortality to Soul 

God lifts His voice; and dawn deploys the sorrow-joys of smile and tear 
Until the final crepuscule will frill the hill and disappear 
And stars will fall like ripened figs when the wind wildly shakes the tree 
God lifts His voice; the earth melts into the scroll of eternity 

© Janet Martin 

...he lifts his voice; the earth melts...

Psalm 46:6 


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