Saturday, January 23, 2021

Adapting to Time's Changes

It's easy, when our comfort zones are not rocked 
to become more complacent than we think we are.

Yesterday morning's sky suggested a storm on the horizon...

...the afternoon proved it!

The times we are in suggest a storm on the horizon!
What are we doing to prepare?

This song has become a bit of a mainstay in my mind
in these changing times!

Adapting to time’s changes that we sometimes don’t expect
Can introduce ourselves to strangers we have never met
How well love’s pieces fall in place when life is kind and good
But who are we when things don’t go the way we wish they would?

Change is a curtain-rise exposing foreign points of view
Principles will be challenged with popular say and do
And if we don’t know why we stand for what we do, look out
The fall will surely show who pomp and boast was all about

The Rock of Ages does not change but everything else will
The sacred pages of love’s law are pure and perfect still
But humbly seek the One whereby meekness and Truth are taught

Who are we when push comes to shove and shove to shock and awe
When we are challenged by a mob ignorant of God’s law
Where will we stand when change arranges strange conspiracies
Will we look to First in Command or earthly hierarchies 

When change confronts us with sudden and unexpected spar
And introduces ourselves to who we really are
It sometimes comes as a surprise when stripped of love’s façade 
To realize how often we trust man, rather than God

Adapting to time's changes is more than fodder-for-past
For Time is not a liar; it will tell the truth at last
Of who we serve, what we preserve by faith or negligence 
And who we are by who we look to for our confidence

© Janet Martin

It is better to trust in the LORD Than to put confidence in man.
Psalm 118:8

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