Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Perfect Wings

Soon the bud will unfold
soon the gray will be gold
soon the cocoon of why
will free the butterfly

oh, for all the woe and hunger this life wills
it does not stopper the fount that spills 
with thrills of its sweetest loveliest things
like babies and flowers and butterfly wings!

It trembles like a butterfly 
Unfurling perfect wings 
From a cocoon of sod and sky 
Like day breaks through night’s strings 

To meadows decked in seasoned sweeps 
Of pink, white, green and gold 
It shimmers, glimmers, laughs and weeps 
As its colours unfold 

It trundles down the country lane 
And rolls across the shore 
It sparkles in each drop of rain 
It fills the bud with More 

It flits through fingertips and stars 
It drips and roars and spins 
A deluge from unstoppered jars 
Pouring out groans and grins 

It tries the patience of the young 
It tests time’s wizened ways 
A strange essence of pictures hung 
Just beyond our gaze 

It wafts, as soft as snowflakes fall 
Then sets its steps in stone 
Where, after it has decked earth’s hall 
No legions can dethrone 

It keeps us all on common ground 
Momentous mystery 
Where tick by tock it is unwound 
In what yet waits to be 

Where what yet waits to be is not 
Shadows and tangled strings 
It is the promises of God 
Unfurling Perfect Wings 

© Janet Martin 

Psalm 63:7
For You are my help; I will sing for joy in the shadow of Your wings.

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