Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Worthwhile Earth-while

Do you ever wonder when day dawns, what lies before you 
as you touch your feet down on the tarmac of time's runway?
 Aren't you thankful we don't know but can trust the One who does?!

Almost three years I posted the picture below on this post(click link to see details about the photo)
and find where to find the best tasting maple syrup in the world!

Two weeks ago while hubby was loading beef-cattle at his cousin Paul Martin's farm
Paul (man on the left) was thrown by a cattle-beast.
He has suffered a serious brain injury and is looking at a long hospital stay IF all goes well!
Please pray for this hubby/dad of a large family!
Please pray for healing and health for Paul,
for strength and peace for his wife Delphine and their family!
Paul would dearly love to be where he would be this time of year if he was healthy...
in the sugar bush 'shack' tending sap-boiling.
The middle man in the photo is my brother-in-law Dale!
 I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers as well as they forge ahead (between *hospital visits) in this busy Maple Syrup season without the help of one of their 'main men' ..
(*hospital is an hour away)

Each dark of night unravels to the travels of mankind
The threshold to a thoroughfare that none as yet have trod
Between the unforeseen and miles traversed, we, humankind
Touch down on holy ground that ultimately leads to God

We, prone to fix our eyes on prizes we can feel and touch
Groan where Hope is a lifeline in hardship’s calamities
For Hope is never seen; yet to its ether rope we clutch
While learning how to trust in what one knows; not what one sees

For we know God has promised, He never leaves us alone
All things work together for good to those who love the Lord
And though we do not know the layout of each stepping-stone
Or why; He does, who cups faith’s inconceivable reward

Not for our thought to decipher the what, why and wherefore
“Take up your cross and follow me” love’s ancient charge replies
Then when time’s dark glass is removed forever-evermore
And sight replaces faith, how worth the battle to the Prize

© Janet Martin

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, 
who have been called according to his purpose.

Rom.8:28 NIV


  1. Oh Janet. That is so sad. What a journey, some days. "Do you ever wonder when day dawns, what lies before you as you touch your feet down on the tarmac of time's runway?
    Aren't you thankful we don't know but can trust the One who does?!" This seems to be the mantra of the moment, doesn't it? How we need to keep clutching to that hope ... so very true.

    1. oh! I had to think of these lines when I saw/heard about the accident with the little girl that was hit while crossing the road after getting off the bus, close to our house yesterday afternoon! Without Hope in One greater it would be scary to get out of bed these days! Thankfully the news said the girl suffered minor injuries so hopefully she will be ok soon!


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