Monday, March 26, 2018

We Can Do It, Yes, We Can

 Here's to another week of tackling that good-intention to-do list😄
(Almost impossible without a really Good Reason)
 This time of year the early morning sun glazes this old wind-worn pine tree in gold...

Sometimes a gaping gap exists
Between intention and done deed
The habits that we try to fix
Find ways into our hands and feet

The only Thing that keeps us sharp
When dealing with habitual sins
Is to evaluate the heart
For that is where all change begins 

The Word of God, wise, patient, true
Imparts to human weakness, might
Infallible, it guides us to
The Perfect Purpose for the fight

Where right and wrong are both so strong
But God grants grace to one and all
To helps us keep on keeping on
In spite of slip-trip-stumble-fall

Those debts we plan to pay ‘someday
Are little comfort to the one
Who holds the note still marked unpaid
…vows are not kept by will alone

But by the living proof of deed
Inspired by kind grace whereby
Forgiveness grants a good night’s sleep
And spurs us to another try

So, if at first we do not win
And we seem cursed to not succeed
God’s word will grant grand strength within
To conquer good intent with deed

© Janet Martin

 The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention. - John Burroughs -

 Jesus chose a lowly donkey to ride through the Jerusalem on Palm Sunday
Jesus can use lowly human 'donkeys' for His purpose! Hallelujah!

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