Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

 I'm reading the book Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.
Each time I think I might not continue 
I come to a 'thought' that makes the rest of its laborious reading worthwhile!
Like these...

I haven't posted a Thursday Thoughts page in a long time 
but because this is a rare Thursday off I will;-)
Hope you read at least one 'thought' that made this porch-stop worth your while!

A Fishin’ an’ Wishin’ Fair Warnin’

Dawn drops into Time’s lake, life’s lure
It teases earth’s school of self- fish
With tantalizing  ‘sure to please’
Dangling before Want’s wide-eyed ‘wish

And often contrary to ‘wish’
Is the consequence of a bite
That snares Dare’s easy target with
One moment that tasted just right

© Janet Martin

This Will Never Change…

From founts filled with the New of old
Dawn dips daybreak in ether gold
Then, soon its first bloom fades away
Leaving Time’s free-for-all; Today

This daily never-before spree
May seem common to you and me
Where nothing new under the sun
Cannot undo-unsay said-done

Then, lest we overlook the charge
That seems mundane but is quite large
It behooves us to keep in mind
This, which at dusk is left behind

© Janet Martin

Human Race To The Finish

Hither and yonder
Over and under
Into and out of
We come and we go
Giving and taking
Mending and breaking
Reaching and bowing
Farewell and hello
Laughing and crying
Smiling and sighing
Running and falling
All over the place
Beggars and choosers
Winners and losers
This is the plight, love
Of human race

© Janet Martin

Time Well Wasted Tasted

Let’s taste the day, not waste the day
Let’s lie beneath a sea
Of purest blue and peer into
God’s sky-wide poetry

Let’s just forget small words like ‘yet’
Let’s not suggest, let’s do
Until the pink of twilight’s ink
Obliterates the view

When toppled jars of silver stars
Pour out the Milky Way
We’ll fold our tent of Time well-spent
And call it Yesterday

© Janet Martin


A mother’s heart
Is soft as silk
And strong as steel
Big as the sky
Yet fits completely
Into this;
A tear, a kiss,
A smile, a sigh

© Janet Martin

Sure Cure

How much less we would fight and fear
How much less we would dread
If we would spend more Time, my dear
On meadow-quilts outspread

If we would spend an afternoon
With little more to do
Than contemplate the perfect tune
Of green leaf etched on blue

© Janet Martin

For in him all things were created:
things in heaven and on earth,
visible and invisible,
whether thrones or powers
or rulers or authorities;
all things have been created
through him and for him.

Sage Advice

Don’t stay up, darling
When it’s time to sleep
Don’t make a promise
That you cannot keep
Don’t season reason
With a bad excuse
And always leave room
For dessert and new shoes

© Janet Martin

This place of grace, soft traced with lace of frost and froth of flow’r
Is like a seed dropped in the dirt of one moment-ous hour
Where Time’s thin air is like a stair that we oft fail to mention
A wisp that fades in an abyss beyond all comprehension

© Janet Martin

Rock-a-bye ripple that runs to a sea
Full of people much older than we used to be

On that note, wishing you all a Happy Thursday!

© Janet Martin

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