Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tower of Courage

There really are no words to fully capture the hurt of a sorrowing mother
aching for a child that is no more...
Other mothers hug her close
then return home to hug their beloved family closer... longer.

Loss...the flip-side of having held!

She bows where death has redefined
Love-sorrow-strength soft intertwined
And in her eyes the tender hurt
For one which lies beneath the dirt
Where none but God tallies her tears
That kiss the sod of yester-years

…she bows beneath yet holds the hand
Of He who helps her feet to stand
Where nothing can restore the dreams
That death has claimed too soon it seems
As through a power, not her own
She finds the courage to press on

© Janet Martin

(The word she in this poem can be changed to 'he')
this is not intended to undermine a father's sorrow
but, because I'm a mom I see through the eyes of a mother.

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