Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Kick-in-the-Shin... or A Pat-on-the-Back Starter

For health or vanity or wealth
or need or greed or others or self?
What fuels your fire?
What kicks-starts your engine?
Who puts the bounce in your step…if you’re truly, brutally honest?

BTW, there is a robin outside my window singing in the dark before dawn!
Suddenly, the thought of spring sets panic pulses racing,
in spite of winter to-do lists still untouched unfinished...

However, instead of beating ourselves up for what we don’t accomplish, 
how about a pat on our backs for what we have done! 
We are so good at berating and belittling ourselves because, let’s face it;
we know exactly who we’re looking at in that mirror! 
Pretending is pointless!  

Let’s make the most of what we hold
In spite of what is not
The guerdon that pours moment gold
Is the best we have got

Before the door to nevermore
Swings shut on soundless hinge
Let’s make the most of Bygone’s host
At life’s buffet…let’s binge!

With humble, earnest honor, dear
Let’s not fall prey to fears
But make the most of now and here
Before it disappears

© Janet Martin

 Ecclesiastes 7:14
In the day of prosperity be happy, 
But in the day of adversity consider-- 
God has made the one as well as the other 
So that man will not discover anything that will be after him.

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