Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Anticipating Awe!

Yesterday I read the question, 
What Are You Looking Forward to...?
Isn't anticipation one of life's most fantastic joys?!
(plus, it helps to temper disappointment
and the weight of dread which inevitably at times, must be!)

I can't wait for…
The plush plip-plop of lush rain-drop
Studding green leaf with gems like glass
The soft slip-slap as bare feet dash
To splash through dust on garden paths
Where cotton clouds waft aloft, soft
Above the linen-laden line
Of trousers, shirts, towels, summer skirts
Hob-knobbing with warm, gold sunshine

The petal show of red, yellow
Purple, blue, pink and white, oh my,
God’s work of art can steal the heart
And admiration of the eye
And I can’t wait to see the gate
Embellished with jasmine run wild
And kiss the face of Queen Ann’s lace
As well as sun-bronzed summer’s child

The luxury of late day tea
While swallows dart and dip and dive
The brawny buzz of cicadas
The lazy hush (or crazy rush) of half-past five
And I can’t wait to fill my plate
With fresh-picked-from-the-garden hue
Or run my gaze across the trays
Where summer spills old thrills anew

© Janet Martin


  1. Your poem affected life?! Yes, you can share your lovely poem and its great "after story" with the world... Submit now

  2. You ask the question, Isn't anticipation one of life's most fantastic joys? Yes, I believe it is. Your wonderful photos of summer create a most delightful anticipation of a new season to come.

    1. I think our winter anticipations have depleted their vim;-) Turning our dreams spring and summer-ward in spite of the chill! Thank-you Brenda, for your visit and thoughts!


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