Saturday, March 24, 2018

Some Saturday Similes and Smiles

 I know I've said it before...but, I LOVE Saturdays
Saturdays are like Time's kiss on the cheek
Saying well done, little earthling,
You made it through another week
So slow down a little, pour that second cup

Before Duty's dictation demands,  "hurry up!"

Today I'm trying a recipe familiar to many, but I've hardly ever made;
Poor Man's Steak
I need to cook for a few large-ish functions in the near future so this is a practice run...

I added chopped parsley though not required...
But because I harvested MANY bowls full from the garden last fall I add it to whatever I can for fantastic health benefits and color!

...soon, soon earth's frozen sweeps will sigh
With wheat-field-gold beneath blue sky!!!

The land is like a quiet sea
Before the wind rises to stir
Earth’s fallow-field tranquility
Into gold, rippling barley-blur

Dawn, like a gateway to a path
Flings wide life’s untried miles-to-go
Then gathers in its aftermath
A labyrinth of highs and low

Bygone is like a subtle scale
It weighs ways of virtue and vice
Where past is like a cast of trails
Forged by both foolish choice and wise

The present day, like a buffet
Invites us all to take and eat
Where what we do and what we say
Seasons tomorrow’s bitter-sweet

The sun is like a big sky-grin
In spite of all that we may lack
It brightens the place we are in
And makes us feel like smiling back

The heart is like a diary
Upon its hidden pages press
The echoes of what used to be
Of home-sweet-home sweet happiness

April is like a restless boy
Pant-legs rolled up, bare feet in mud
Where soon Time’s boon of sorrow-joy
Siphons the blossom from the bud

…and earth is like an orchard, oh,
Four seasons strum its green-leaf leas
How swift the little saplings grow
Into hardy fruit-bearing trees

A smile is like a pretty gift
We love to get; then what you say
We give those mouth-corners a lift
And give its pretty gift away

© Janet Martin

Hope you are having a Happy Saturday who and wherever you are!

...and a good song for a beautiful life!

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