Monday, March 26, 2018

Winter Almost Spent...( and a little Brantley-chuckle)

Does Almost-April's-Artist ever stop you in your tracks with a big, old WOW! 
Stunning simplicity is his style... doesn't it just make you wanna smile BIG?

The art of Almost April spills its charcoal sketch to burnished page
It draws tall towers on the hill that that bore the roar of winter’s rage
A tipsy-doodle in the middle of a yellow noonday spread
Makes Old Man Winter’s bluff and bluster melt like honey on warm bread

The art of Almost April etches the outline of naked trees
Like masterpieces on earth’s barren girth of wind-swept leas
It steals the breath of on-lookers eager for canvases, un-white
And keens the sanguine summer-dreamer’s bloom and green-leaf appetite

The art of Almost April often under-rated wows us so
It’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Oh,
Then stop and tip your fine felt hat to the painter of whimsy, dear
With but one color on his tray to decorate earth’s plain veneer

The art of Almost April kindles in the heart a heady flare
It makes us ready to return to till the land so still and bare
The art of almost April soothes the weathered wounds of discontent
And splays with dusky grays a work entitled Winter Almost Spent

© Janet Martin

I couldn’t figure out where Brantley found a piece of bread he was gleefully chomping on
…until later when I peeked in where I left the oven door open a little to finish cooling the loaves!


  1. Oh Janet. This is beautifully delicious, as usual! Love it. And Mmmmmmm that bread looks marvellous! Good for Brantley. A wise little chap.

    1. Hi Glynis, thank-you:) wonderfully BUSY times with lots of laughter;-0


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