Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Estimable Entreaty...or, Of Growing Old

A simple sonnet for my sister Lucy's Birthday today...
Happy Birthday Lucy!
Wishing you God's gift of joy in the year (Lord willing years) ahead!

The nearest, dearest gift of growing old
Time weaves with threads we sometimes overlook
Life’s sacred spoil of love and toil unfold
Fond pages in a phantom picture book

A panoramic spread of scenes forsook
Bids us revere a year’s moment-ous lease
Where fingers through which sands of time are shook
Siphons from stars and scars, a masterpiece

…as daily death grants the subtle increase
Of seasons splayed before our shut-eye gaze
Its startling art of kind simplicities
Soft-weaves with common sheaves Life’s Best of Days

Where it seems that we learn and then relearn
The value of time’s treasured No-return

© Janet Martin

Last night while chopping colorful veggies for supper I was struck again
how life's simplest gifts are its sweetest marvels! 
The older we get the more we realize the Prize of The Moment!

Sisters are one of love's/life's greatest gifts!
I know I shared the photo below here, (on another sister get-together)
but its a precious shot on a simple summer's day long ago...of sisters
From left to right...
Marlene, Carolyn, Cheryl, Lucy, Janet

Slow erosion
Where an ocean
Of emotion
Sweeps a shore
Where a moment
Seals a moment
To moments
That are no more

Tender splendor
Steals the vendor
To a younger
You and me
Where sleek surges
Swell in dirges
For splurges
Washed out to sea

© Janet Martin

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